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Siu Mai and Fried Rice

It was about time I learned how to make this. I’ve eaten dumplings so much but never tried to make it myself. Knowing myself, how I complain that I don’t get enough for the prices here and how I tebd to cook more to suffice for the next day, I was happy to challenge myself.

As you can see from the inconsistent folding/pinching I did to seal these dumplings that I made it myself and to my luck none of them opened or broke while steaming. I filled it with a mix of pork, shrimp and spring onions seasoned with salt and pepper.

Since I ran out of dumpling wraps, I used the rest for the fried rice since you can make any kind of fried rice you want at any given time or opportunity. This dish was a hit! And so easy to make at home although time was invested because I was so worried they weren’t sealed properly.

Nevertheless, I have now embarked on another Asian Food Challenge journey and I’m off to look for my next conquest.

Tip: If you’re using a rice cooker (a prominent fixture in any asian household) that can be used for steaming as well, spread a thin layer of olive oil onto the steam bowl to keep the dumplings from sticking to it while its cooking.

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I ❀ Grilling

After a quick trip yesterday, I opted to grilling as it required me to use only one pan after preparing everything such as slicing and seasoning. Easy to do and almost heavenly to eat. As you can see I even managed to add tomatoes into this dish because of how fatty the meat are.

There’s nothing like a grilled dinner after a burning hot day to calm your nerves. It was seriously hot af and I can’t imagine going back to the heat of Manila without an ac on. I felt the wicked witch of the east melting away.

Then there was the train ride back wherein everyone waa packed like sardines and the ac not even working. Thank goodness I had my tiny bottle of white flower smelling thingy to calm my queesiness.

How could I not have thought of comfort food after such an uncomfortable day? Anyhow, that’s all the ranting I wanted to get out and now as if my silent prayer has been answered it’s raining and it feels nice and cool.

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Chicken Curry

Been in a chicken mood lately. I’m suprised I haven’t started growing feathers. However, this dish is special given that it’s my grandmother’s recipe and I’m doing my best to keep her cooking legacy alive.

Curry just like soup can have anything and everything unless you really want to go for a type of origin like Thai, Malaysian, Indian, etc… And they all depend on the ingredients you use.

Philippines isn’t really known for curry but we do have our own basic that I’ve grown up with, Bicol Express and Chicken Curry. My idea of a curry is that it is a soup containing coconut milk, vegetables, meat and spices. Close enough?

The one I made contains aubergine, chicken thighs and legs (the bones add more flavor), onions, chili, coconut milk, sugar, salt and pepper.

Pretty simple with the ingredients available but what takes this dish to the next level is fryimg the chicken with the onions first in order for the meat itself to have it’s own flavor despite the heavyness of the soup and then leaving it for at least an hour to allow the ingredients to blend. Serve with steaming buttered garlic rice.

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Baked Lasagna

It was the first time I tried using the veggie pasta and I really must say that it wasn’t bad at all. However, I did used more meat (bacon chunks & ground beef) as usual which is a great need just as much as the amount of cheese. Adding a bit of adventure was my choice of sprinkling celery leaves that I had left from when I made my smoothie.

If ever you’re running low on time or no longer have the energy to stand and cook, baked lasagna is the easiest to make knowing you just have to lay the pasta, meat and cheese layers and then let it bake into perfection. The cheese on top is crisp and the layers remains soft but firm to hold its shape when cutting.

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Beef Lettuce Wrap & Spicy Tofu Soup

In our line of work, it’s pretty much easy to get sick from our constant contact with guests. I’m not saying I caught anything but I did quickly wash my hands after serving a man consistently sneezing while ordering with his son and I had my colleague use a new whip cream dispenser because the son was sneezing directly at it. I couldn’t let go of how unsanitary it was that they didn’t cover their noses or went to the bathroom first and stack up on tissues.

As a means of prevention, I made a nice spicy and sour asian soup with tofu. The best part about eating spicy food is that they can make you sweat and help get rid of the toxins in your body.

The beef lettuce wraps serve the same purpose as I cooked the beef with chili but toned it down a bit with brown sugar as I caramelized the onions and mixed them together. Remember that leafy greens are good for you? It’s the perfect combo. You’re not only delighting yourself with food but also treating your body.

If you have a similar line of work as mine, or tried a healthy and slightly medicinal meal, feel free to share in the comments down below.

‘Til next time ✌

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Vapiano Food Review

Something I realized was that I often eat at Vapiano’s but haven’t even talked about it here on the blog. Therefore this post will be exactly that.

The concept of Vapiano is that they cook your order of salad, pasta, risotto or pizza before you look for a table. You’re given a card that will keep a record of what you ordered to use at the counter before leaving.

Pasta has been a go-to for me and they have the portions prepared in paperbags ready to use. You can always add extra stuff like bacon, cheese, etc… however, don’t think you get them for free because there are those who think they do as they get asked if they would like it with so and so. 

They have a variation of iced teas to choose from that taste less sweeter and more refreshing because of the fruity content. Don’t worry about the tangyness because it is a balanced flavor.

Today was a nice Sunday brunch at the Bellevue branch and we sat at the Terrasse  enjoying the warmth of the sun. But the Sihlcity branch always appears to be more energetic and lively because of the staff there. Maybe it’s just me but if ever you’re in ZΓΌrich, go ahead and try it out. Enjoy!

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Grilled Spiesli, Corn on the Cob and Broccoli

Trust me when I say that this amount fills you up completely without going for seconds. I was in such a mood to use my cast iron grill.

Just imagine the seasoned meat, the smokeyness after smothering the vorn with seasoned butter. Tossssing the Broccoli in the strainer without sacrificing the freshness and into the pan for seasoning.

A meal perfect for the gloomy days.