Mushroom Burger and Mixed Salad


An alternative to the traditonal burger served with buns is to serve with salad.

Whats in it:
– Mushroom
– Ground beef
– Homemade gravy sauce
– Salt & pepper
– Garlic powder
– Worcestershire sauce

– Lettuce
– Tomato
– Salt & pepper
– Balsamico
– Olive oil


Response to the banned LoL player

I’m not a frequent LoL player. Heck, I rarely play, just when a friend of mine decides to play it with me.

Being a noob at the game, you tend to get comments from other players but not all who call you names for not playing better.

It does hurt if you’re like me who’s trying to learn but because a pro gamer or the like decides to make a new character and plays in the same match although the actual skills and knowledge are far from close between us.

If I was doing something “illegal’ game-wise then I think that I deserve it. If the situation is true and Dunkey’s story checks out then I would have the same reaction but I wouldn’t put it in the chat knowing the consequences. I would end up saying it out loud instead while in the voice call with friends.

Remember my last post about GW2? I started to talk about noticing campers. You have no idea how frustrated I was while playing that day after trying to play just like usual. Players capture points and move to the next and not sit there waiting for the ones they already killed to respawn and then kill immediately without so much as a chance to escape because of all the traps set.

If the point of PvP is to be there first and gang up, then I understand now why my friends and I were having difficulty choosing a server. Other players make us react this way but perhaps not everyone understands that there are consequences when they merely act without thinking.

These are my thoughts about what happened to Dunkey based on the article I read and his video. I put myself in his shoes, my shoes, and a whole other different shoes that may not even fit but all angles must be explored.


Chicken Fajita Soup


Haven’t had mexican food in a while. At times the nights get cold and soup is the best remedy for gloomy days. I found this recipe on Pinterest and so turned one of our favorite mexican dishes into a soup.

What’s in it:
– Chicken
– Avocado
– Salsa
– Tortilla chips
– Cream of chicken soup
– Black beans
– Lettuce
– Coriander
– Cumin
– Cheese


Guild Wars 2 New Look & New Business Model


If you’ve secured your account then you know this mini that will take me a while until I get tired of it. That is if I ever get tired of it. It matches my necro’s emperial outfit as well and twirls around when I’m not doing anything.┬áAnyway, what got you to read this post is the new look of the game itself. The first thing I noticed was Lion’s Arch and when you enter you will be shown an intro. However, free-to-play accounts cannot enter until reaching level 35. It looks neater, brighter, and livelier.

Free to play accounts can access WvW when they reach level 60 but can immediately play PvP but in order to use custom and unranked arenas must first reach rank 20. For those who are still curious then you can download the game for free and try the core game but if it interests you more then you can get Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

I believe that it is an incomplete experience if one does not play PvP and WvW but then again what happens when there are players who you just want to slap in the face? After playing a few hours in the Edge of the Mists and not all commanders were ‘good’ except for one and the next two weren’t bad either. I understand the deal about commanders and the players they lead but when there’s a GvG happening it gets confusing for the new players which I’ve observed even though we said in the chat “don’t attack” while passing by. At first they said would say “get out or die” which is fine but later on as we continue and pass by again, they┬ákilled almost everyone, which required us to WP again. I finally gave up on it after three more times that it happened.

I moved on to PvP but I was surprised by two servers that I joined. The first one had the enemies already waiting at the homestead and killing players as they come out after re-spawning. Maybe we should’ve fought them at the same time then we could’ve pushed but after my experience with WvW just before that I’ve already lost patience with anything else. I left that server and joined another one. The next one had campers, two players per capture point. One stays put while the other fights you and as soon as they see you’re succeeding against the buddy then both gang up on your character. I joined another server which was full and so ended up only watching along with four other viewer and I witnessed one team die over and over again. I left this sad place, changed my character and started completing maps with my friends after I told them about the whole thing.

My recent gaming experience won’t change my mind about playing again as I am working on getting a legendary weapon for my necro but I’ll avoid PvP and WvW unless my friends plan to play as well because everything else that happened makes me wonder whether or not Anet is able to do anything about it. I know GW2 isn’t the only game that has campers but it’s only recently that I’ve experienced this and am starting to think that if this is the future of GW2 then I may be reluctant to play in these areas in the future despite not completeing PvP and WvW dailies.