Birthday Wishes


Despite having the first day of my finals exactly the same as my birthday, I am surprised at how well it actually went although the start was a bit rough since I was still revising even on my way to school. The best part of course was after the exams, spending some time with my friends and classmates since after this week, I will no longer be having classes or seeing most of them.


20150316_145029 20150316_145036

I definitely don’t feel older and because I know that I’m almost done with uni, I feel even more younger since I can make time for gaming again. Thanks to one of my awesome buddies who gifted me a game on Steam, I have more choices now that I will have more time to spare and enjoy my soon-to-exist freedom.


As far as the Mystery Present goes, hubby not only got me The Lord of the Rings Trilogy DVD extended edition but also a glass of prosecco, hubby kneeling down on one knee and asking me, “Will you be my Lady of the Rings?” Of course I will! A true fan of LOTR. Maybe I’ll do an Arwen cosplay post one time after the trip. What do you think?



Overall, one of the best birthdays, given that I remembered it on the day, I’ve ever had. It would have been better to have more of my family around as well but the time will come, soon…

2015-03-16 17.00.25






“Aggressive,” he said.

2015-03-11 19.44.20

When you know you’re finishing soon and that’s when everything is like an organized mess. Project due dates come at you like missiles, details about the projects appear like a swarm of bees ready to sting. Sleeping at 3 a.m. is considered early, right? Nevertheless, I had to face this the entire week and now all that’s left is to prepare for the finals. D-10 until our holiday <3

2015-03-11 19.40.10 2015-03-11 19.43.47



2015-03-13 10.39.44

Today is a long day which is why I have my green juice detox buddy with me. Despite having to be in school at 8.30, I had to make enough time to get ready and prepare this drink. Lucky to have my Mix and Go. I’m still surprised I managed to get all this done but I feel better having this drink to energize me.

What’s in it?

  • Green Apple
  • Ginger
  • Kiwi
  • Kale

Blush and Ivory

There’s something about blush and ivory that makes me love this outfit. I don’t mind the floral pattern of the top but everything else about this outfit screams “Wear me!” and I do. They’re soft colors which to me is quite friendly for the eyes and it isn’t loud or bold but it is aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for a cloudy day like this.

The birthday present mystery will continue until the day itself comes. You can still guess if you want to try. Here are the hints he gave me:

  • small
  • wanted but never asked for
  • will use everyday
  • deserved it
  • makes me happy
  • 2 parts
  • not clothing, shoes, or accessories
  • non-electronic
  • nothing to do with paper or for writing (yes I actually thought it would be another agenda)
  • not a newspaper subscription