Deep-fried Cod Fish & Ratatouille


I have been craving for another fish dish for a lazy, free day.

What’s in it (Deep-fried Cod Fish) :
– Cod filet
– Flour
– Salt & Pepper
– Beer
– Egg
– Garlic powder

What’s in it (Ratatouille):
– Aubergine
– Zucchini
– Red bellpepper
– Tomatoes
– Tomato sauce
– Mixed herbs


Verona Travels

We managed to squeeze a day trip to Verona while on our holiday in Milan. Aproximately an hour and 20 minutes travel time with the train and a quick 10 minute bus ride from Verona Porta Nuova railway station to the city center where just like in my Milano Travels post, everything is situated so close together that getting around isn’t hassle.There is a fair amount of cafe’s and restaurants nearby the sites and snacking at the Gelatteria close by Casa di Giulietta as shown in the 2010 film, Letters to Juliet.


  • Casa di Giuletta
  • Arena
  • Giardani Giusti

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Milano Travels

It has been about time that we had even a short holiday and we made it. Hubby’s first time and my second but still worth the trip. Planning for this trip was pretty easy since the sites we were going to visit and the restaurants we wanted to try were close by. Using the Metro was not difficult and was easier as the days went by because we actually started to remember which line goes where and the fastest way to get to which area. I didn’t shop for clothes or makeup but I managed to bring back some chocolates from local chocolateries and of course a mug from the Disney shop.

Food Highlights:

  • Casa del Ciliegi
  • Melaverde
  • Pasticceria Marchesi
  • Venchi


  • Duomo di Milano
  • Castello Sforzesco
  • Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II

The Butcher Food Review

This place really does follow it’s motto, “Healthy as fuck”. At first we had a bit of difficulty trying to get inside because we didn’t really want to eat outside. We went down to the side only to find a locked door and then back up to ask how to get into the restaurant. After asking one of the servers who came out, he led us as if in a tour and we found ourselves in one of the best burger places to dine in.

Hubby and I order the Cheese and Bacon Burger with a side of fries and a Ceasar Salad with Shrimp to start. As per usual, I had a house iced tea and hubby ordered a bottle of Quöllfrisch Naturtrüb which I found better than most beers we’ve had.

Apparently I am not a fan of Emmentaler cheese and cucumber in my burgers. The combination doesn’t do well for my taste but the patty itself was juicy and perfectly cooked to a medium. However, the soft bun didn’t hold the burger so well and was sweet(?) for some reason. The fries were sweet as well but that was because of the paprika they used to season it.

Everything else was great such as the ambiance, the service and the overall look of the place despite being a burger joint. Although it is not the number 1 burger place for us, I can still see us coming back to try the other burgers on their menu like the Eggplant Burger and Goat Cheese Burger which triggered my curiosity.


Vior Monday Madness Food Review


It has been a while since we’ve continued our food discovery in Zürich but I think I am beginning to understand why it’s rare for us to go out to dine at all. Working in the food service industry does put a toll on our budgeting mostly for going out into town, which is why I get picky. I am happier knowing I spent money on something satisfying whether or not I could have done it better at home but that is why we go out. It is supposed to be a treat.

We really like “All you can eat”/ “à discretion” but for some reason, Vior doesn’t make the cut as a go-to eat all you can place. The Bierhalle’s and pubs defeat it in terms of taste and even the atmosphere. We didn’t expect a lot but it did look like there wasn’t much of an effort. We had ome waitress take our drink orders and then another asking for our food orders and drink orders, again? I suppose there is somewhat a lack of communication among the servers and not like when I worked in a restaurant or dined in that had table assignments to avoid confusion for both guests and staff.

We ordered house iced tea’s priced at CHF 9.50 per 5dl, and the all you can eat spare ribs and wings for CHF 28.00. The plate itself came with some fries at the upper right hand corner of the dish and that portion of salad which basically looked like it was done so as to cover that big white space given the meat portions they chose.

Add the sauce which tasted like they mixed ketchup and the spicy and sweet sauce from the asian store that served as a sauce spread on top of the ribs, the inconcieveable saltiness of the wings, and the sweetened fries caused by the paprika they used.

Portion is one thing but upon asking for the next plate, I asked for mine not to have the ketchup on top. I was corrected and was told it was a BBQ sauce. “Whaaaaaat?!?!?!,” was what I thought to myself whilst smiling. Hubby and I looked at each other in disbelief but laughed it off when the waitress left.

The grand total of our dinner cost CHF 92.00 but would have been better off in the Bierhalle instead in terms of price and overall satisfaction. We’re not that keen on trying Vior as a go-to club anytime soon but perhaps it is where it shines the most as opposed to a restaurant in the day. However, that’s just part of discovering food in the city.