Misoga Food Review

A nice, little Korean restaurant hidden in the city of Z├╝rich not far from the Kunsthaus is Misoga. Serving authentic, delicious homemade Korean dishes all the way from the Kimchi to the noodles. Unless you’ve been searching for Korean restaurant in Z├╝rich, you won’t really find this place as it is located along the street walking from the museum towards Sprecherstrasse. But it is worth visiting and trying out.


Merely ordering an appetizer and main course each felt like eating at a buffet. What I used to find difficult was using Korean chopsticks since they always slipped from my grip was no longer a problem that this time I conquered it. The food was tasty and if you order one of the grilled dishes, they’ll do it on your table. Dinner with a show? Yes please!


Do you know the differences of Chinese, Japanese and Korean chopsticks? I find it quite interesting how it may not exactly be a form of art but it is part of their history and cultural development.┬áReading the article,┬áDifferences Between Japanese, Chinese and Korean Chopsticks,┬ágives a short but insightful gist of their contrasting features and their purposes. One thing’s for sure, I’m a fan of the Japanese chopsticks whether or not I use them for eating just because I get caught up with all of their intricate designs. I can’t help myself although I can resist the cute,┬ábaby pinkness of the Hello Kitty themed chopsticks… I think.


Cute but maybe when I have a baby girl then I’ll consider it as a staple at home. Even the bowls of the restaurant awed me, well not necessarilly awed but I’ve been looking at similar ones in Yumi Hana for a while, thinking about whether or not to get the ceremonial bowl for whenever I have my matcha green tea but I don’t even bring my whisk with me to work anymore unless I leave one there and just get another one for home use.┬áHowever, I will be needing to replace our broken dishes anyway so it’s decided that this will be the next theme.


Mythos Food Review

Hello again and finally another review for you dear foodies. I have another food point to share in this post which I am very happy to introduce because it was a wonderful┬ásurprise like a rabbit coming out of a magician’s hat. Hubby and I were craving for Greek food but picky me wanted it to be close-to-authentic. Not that I would know a lot about it but the last time I ate at a Greek restaurant was back in the Philippines that was owned by a Greek expat who used his family’s recipes for the menu but enough to know what I’m looking for.


After checking Google Maps┬áfactoring price, travel time, and food range, it wasn’t a bad steal at all. Just the right price range for the amount of food that we got. It was so good and we were so stuffed. We shared┬áan assorted meat platter, fries with melted feta cheese, hummus and pita. The place started to fill up even though we had our dinner reservation set at 8 and it’s not surprising at all given the food quality. The place itself is rather small and can get tight but if you don’t mind that and get easily distracted by the food itself anyway, then you’ll enjoy it.

I highly recommend trying Mythos whenever you’re out and about in Z├╝rich because it’s not just worth a try but worth coming back to. That is what we’re gonna do as it is now a part of our go-to places to eat for date nights.

Deep-fried Cod Fish & Ratatouille


I have been craving for another fish dish for a lazy, free day.

What’s in it (Deep-fried Cod Fish) :
– Cod filet
– Flour
– Salt & Pepper
– Beer
– Egg
– Garlic powder

What’s in it (Ratatouille):
– Aubergine
– Zucchini
– Red bellpepper
– Tomatoes
– Tomato sauce
– Mixed herbs


Verona Travels

We managed to squeeze a day trip to Verona while on our holiday in Milan. Aproximately an hour and 20 minutes travel time with the train and a quick 10 minute bus ride from Verona Porta Nuova railway station to the city center where just like in my Milano Travels post, everything is situated so close together that getting around isn’t hassle.There is a fair amount of cafe’s and restaurants nearby the sites and snacking at the Gelatteria close by Casa di Giulietta as shown in the 2010 film, Letters to Juliet.


  • Casa di Giuletta
  • Arena
  • Giardani Giusti

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Milano Travels

It has been about time that we had even a short holiday and we made it. Hubby’s first time and my second but still worth the trip. Planning for this trip was pretty easy since the sites we were going to visit and the restaurants we wanted to try were close by. Using the Metro was not difficult and was easier as the days went by because we actually started to remember which line goes where and the fastest way to get to which area. I didn’t shop for clothes or makeup but I managed to bring back some chocolates from local┬áchocolateries┬áand of course a mug from the Disney shop.

Food Highlights:

  • Casa del Ciliegi
  • Melaverde
  • Pasticceria Marchesi
  • Venchi


  • Duomo di Milano
  • Castello Sforzesco
  • Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II