Oven-Baked Chicken Wings in Honey & BBQ Sauce

I don’t know why I never used honey whenever I cooked chicken wings. I have it with my tea all the time and I see it in menus and stuff but why haven’t I? I ended up making it with Pinoy-style BBQ sauce but not made with just brown sugar but with honey as a sweetener. Can you imagine how good it was? Look at the photo!


A picture is worth a thousand words but a taste of this dish is beyond words. It will render you speechless as did we.

What’s in it:

  • Chicken wings
  • Ketchup
  • Soy sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Honey

The Blair Inside

My last post got me thinking about Gossip Girl after comparing it to the set up of Monster High. I don’t know about you ladies but my favorite was Blair Waldorf’s style and personality. Looks like a nice girl on the outside but capable of dark and evil. Let’s focus on the style part of Blair that makes her stand out. What is her signature style?



You’ll often see her wearing skirts, dresses and shorts that during the cold winter season are paired with tights. You see? When there’s a will, there’s a way. The ultimate girly girl who avoids the option of wearing jeans. Don’t be afraid to use tights that have designs. When you’re wearing a coat, it’s what people see and not the outfit underneath all the cover.



Your coat is as much an accessory as your jewelry. Having different styles and colors of coats can be used to match different outfits which gives you more options to play around with.

Hair Accessories


An outfit isn’t complete without the right hair accessories. It’s like the cherry on top of a banana split. Headbands, hats,



Either match them with your shoes or make them the highlight of the outfit and let it stand out. Every girl may have her go-to daily handbag, I know for sure that’s been me for the past year since I started working. No matter how small, it can make a statement and is a staple for any girl going out.

Pops of Color


By color, I mean Red. Red is something we often struggle based on shade as well as in combination with everything else we have in our closets. Have no fear. Red speaks louder than even more than emerald green or yellow. Red is the color of life and is empowering. Use it as much as you can if you think your outfit is to basic or safe.

Minimal (Loud) Animal Print

Seeing animal prints on anything excites us and lures us into the trap of overusing the print itself. Wearing zebra striped hat, and coat, and shoes definitely shows how much you love prints but can be overwhelming and loud in the wrong way.

Complementary Prints and Colors

Be playful with your wardrobe. This means not everything must match. Try experimenting and perhaps you might find that certain prints actually work together and was a missed opportunity by magazines to exploit and you’re the first to flaunt it.



This includes negligee, lingerie, bodysuits, and robes. Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can’t look good for yourself. It’s easy to go to the bathroom and find yourself looking at a stranger in the mirror only to realize it’s yourself but in a different light. It’s part of how you feel when you’ve gotten used to primping yourself before going out and when having no motive to brush wild, morning hair. Even if you’re not expecting anyone to come over, you’ll never know if someone does and you’ll need you’re lovely robe to cover your intimates.


Back to BlackBerry

I have been thinking for quite a while now about going back to using a BB phone and I have three choices in mind. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S5 which is great for all my lifestyle/social media needs but I realized that ever since I bought a new agenda in order to keep one dedicated for work and the other for everything else in my life that are non-work related, I have been even more organized. I am not saying this after only a few weeks time because it has been a few months already that has passed and I find it a milestone to have lasted this long using this method.

I don’t find it wasteful at all since I have a lot to write for both and always run out of space and trust me, I love post-its but as soon as they fly away by mistake or have too many can be a hassle as well. You’re probably asking why I don’t just go digital. I have been there during my school days but not all my notes nor my scheme can be accommodated by digital calendars and memos.

Why use two different phones at the same time as well? Very good question. I intended to get myself a BB phone again but couldn’t because not all my social media needs would not be met. I’m sure you know by now that even Instagram isn’t on it and it goes with the BB principle of being professional, smooth and swift communication, and limited-to-no distractions. Hence, getting back to one would mean its purpose is for work-related reasons.


My first BlackBerry was a BlackBerry Storm passed on to me by my dear mother after getting her iPhone. This was my first smartphone which although I no longer had that ‘new phone’ feeling it was great up until I realized the battery life ran out so quick there was almost no point in using it at all for fear that it would die at the wrong time in the day.


After that I had the BlackBerry Z10 and just like the last one there really was no point in listening to music with it which was fine since I had my iPod anyway. It was a very strict phone and I rarely used it for anything else other than Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook. I left it for the advantage of using other social media apps on-the-go such as WordPress, Instagram, Lookbook, etc…

Now it’s time to decide which BB phone available today is suited for my work needs.

Here are my choices:

BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry Classic


BlackBerry Passport



My decision sways toward the BBQ10 more because I still prefer its overall size compared to the Classic and Passport. Screen size is also not a bother since all I need to use it for are emails and messaging using BBM and Whatsapp. I really do like the Passport’s design but apart from its size, I won’t be inclined to use all its apps and features since its not going to be my main phone therefore there won’t be a need to spend more than CHF 500+ for it.

Have any opinions/suggestions before I make my final decision? Leave it in the comment section below and take it into account. Many thanks in advance for those who do :)


Monster High + Ever After High

Who would’ve thought Mondays would be so hectic? Funny I should ask but even if I made a plan for the shift, it won’t really help if there are 1-2 people missing at the beginning. It almost felt like a Sunday shift wherein everything has to be improvised although it still wouldn’t work.

Work aside, I’m going out on a limb here but I’ve been watching both Ever After High and Monster High. In need to escape from the ridiculous encounters I have at work. Ever since I saw the dolls at the toy store, I got curious it’s been on my mind. You may think I’m too old to watch this stuff but who cares?

Ever After High


The story features the teenage kids of the fairy tale characters attending a boarding school at Fairy Tale World. Both royals and rebels under one roof, the reason for the divide itself being that the royals embrace their destinies and therefore want to follow through with it but the rebels who support Raven want to create their own destinies instead.

My favorite character is Madeline ‘Maddie’ Hatter, Mad Hatter’s daughter. Although she is perfectly content with her own destiny, she still sides with Raven who is also her bff because she herself believes that everyone should be able to make their own choices. I love all colors popping out of her wardrobe and her sidekick pet mouse, Earl Grey.


Monster High


Unlike Ever After High, the obvious setting is not very fairytale-like. The characters’ personalities come on very strong which I think Kitty Cheshire would probably fit in as well if she were to transfer. It does not show the exclusivity as in Ever After High but it does show a bit more something like the scheming like that of Gossip Girl. They even have their own version called Ghostly Gossip run by  Spectra Vondergeist. If you’re a GG fan then you’ll find this webisode amusing.

My favorite character is none other than Cleo de Nile, daughter of the Mummy. Surprised? She’s tough and bold on the outside but has a heart of gold. Definitely a mean girl in public with the attitude à la Blair Waldorf ruling her high school kingdom.


What I would like from Mattel is that they make official episodes. Every webisode has a great storyline. I hope they lengthen the episodes and add more content because I am curious about how both web series ends. The Spring Unsprung movie of Ever After High is a must-see for those who haven’t.


Here Comes Santa Clause | PS4 Unboxing


Hubby gave me my first 2 Christmas presents. A PS4 and The Witcher 3. Since he’s been away back in the army because of their required annual refresher, he thought that leaving me home alone would require some sort of compensation for his absence.


While his first 2 presents are still wrapped and await him for the day itself, we started playing Pirate Warriors 3 together. One Piece is one of the animes we both love and so it was a must to get it the same day we got the console itself.


One of the many things I love to do with my hubby when staying in our nest on a day off is playing video games together or me playing GW2 while he uses his Xbox One.

I am not necessarily converting to console gaming but I need to send my notebook for repair and so my GW2 days are slightly on hold until I can get myself an actual gaming PC or my notebook fixed, whichever comes first.

Wish your lazy days as much fun and more.

Fondue Season


Sunday eve was cold enough for us to enjoy having fondue for our dinner date before leaving for the army again. After tomorrow, it will be his last week for the year and then he’s mine again. Sound greedy? I know.

You may know already that there are different types of fondue but traditional cheese with white wine is always the best. Followed by oil because I love meat no matter what.

There are also different foods used to dip into the fondue like bread (preferrably old) or potatoes. I prefer bread and although Swiss-Chuchi served it with fresh bread, the cheese they used was definitely one of the best I’ve had so far.

If I want fondue without having to care what type of cheese was used so long as it’s eat all you can then I know where else to go. However, if I want a proper sit-doen fondue dinner, you know where to find me.